What Is The Function Of Art

Hello, my name is Ed and my goal is to create art that is engaging. Decor that is non traditional, interesting and original.

Sal Black Cat wall art. This is a 3D all handmade ceramic clay black cat
Art function is to engage

What is the function of art? I can say that art really does not have an assigned function other than to please the owner. I do not think it is necessary to classify art for functional purposes. I ask a question, would you buy art for a just for function?

When you look at art from different points of views, like from a History perspective it different. Ceramic art is classified into several categories like where it came from, when it was created and other classifications. This mainly classifications helps with identify the art and assist when looking up art for purchase.

Was there a physical function I had in mind when creating my artwork?

I have spent years working on my style and techniques. All my art is handmade and original. These are just a few of my many styles of wall art. When I create my clay wall art, I am thinking about what the art is going to mean to me.

What was I thinking at the time I was creating the art? Was there a physical function I had in mind? Was there something personal I wanted the art to represent or was there some sort of symbolic theme I was driven by and created my artwork along those lines? 

A lot of my ceramic art is inspired by real life events. For example I created many works of art based on the animals I have had as pets or fostered. To read more about my ceramic cat collection please see my blog page about cat friendly home décor ideas

Each one of my cats had their own personality. They acted and lived different lives and had distinct behaviors. I tried to capture their personality in each of the ceramic cat art I created. I would take their main attributes and incorporate them into my art work and then would make variations by changing colors. In the end each artwork had it own personality just as each of my real life cats. And when I look the art work it reminds me of my cats. For example, when I look at one of my orange ceramic cats I still see my cat Axle as a kitten even though he lived to be over 15 years old. He was always a kitten to me because when my son brought him home that’s the image that was burned into my mind. He was an old man walking around my feet but I saw a kitten.

Art and Functionality

There is one particular ceramic artwork which I love to create. I get great satisfaction out of knowing someone will be actually using this piece for a purpose. When I create a ceramic plate I know it will also be able to serve a purpose or function as a plate. It can hold food or it can be put into a plate stand and used as decoration. It can also be hung on the wall for wall décor. My art can be used as a serving platter for special occasions. When you look back in history there are many bowls that perform a physical function as well as being art. There are many pieces of art that also have physical functions.

Personal Functions of Art

Why do people purchase or like a piece of wall art? Well it may be very difficult to understand or say in words. In some cases you just like it and that is all that there is to it so you buy it. Sounds vague but that could be all there is to it. It’s very subjective and varies greatly from person to person.

Sometimes I will create an art piece just out of the need for expression. I wish to communicate a point to the viewer and in other cases I wish to entertain folks. By the viewer looking at my ceramic cat plate, “Cat Faces”, I meant for the viewer to be entertained. It can actually be used and function as a plate but my intention was for entertainment. For those folks who were entertained by the cat on the pate will most likely like it and purchase it. In that case I have succeeded and will be happy. My art work served a purpose of making someone happy. So make yourself happy and me too buy visiting my clay wall art home page.

Art can also be therapeutic. When I look at many forms of abstract wall art it tends to give me a calming effect. I really like abstract art. It just looks amazing. The art that has this effect on me depends on the color or the art. Mostly art that has cool colors like blues and deep reds give me a calming effect. The therapeutic effect can go both ways. It can be therapeutic for the artist as well.

Social Functions of Art

For art to have a social function it need to address us as a whole and not as individuals. Your individual viewpoint is not being expressed in the art but rather us as a collective. A good example of social art is the “Realist” movement. Some consider this the beginning of modern art. For realist, everyday life was considered art. Bringing everyday life to the canvas was art. In addition to being pleasant there was also the unpleasant side exposed. Many dark unpleasant moments were captured and considered art. A good example is Gustave Courbet a French painter. Most all his art used dark earthy colors and depicted people in everyday life.

Another good example is Dorothea Lange an American documentary photographer. During the great depressions her photographs were of ordinary life, migrant workers, grandfather and grandson and children at public schools. Her art work humanized the Great Depression.

Can Art Be Defined?

The real question is can art really be defined? Some say it cannot. Once art gets defined it seems as if it defies all the rules and then busts out. It’s like at some point we are less concerned with real beauty and sound ideas and are focused on what upsets the status quo. How absurd is a string nailed to the wall? I thought about making a single thin noodle from clay and hanging it on the wall as clay artwork. Only for a joke of course. Or is it the most simplistic form of beauty? What about looking at the works of Duchamp? An object becomes breath taking art. Duchamp had a huge impact on conceptual art and was responsible for significant developments in paintings and sculpture during the 20th century. So just when you started to define art along come this Duchamp guy and turns things on its head.

So in light of this I ask the question is there any possible way of defining what art really is? Art can be communicative and communicate to the viewer. In the case of Duchamp it can be more than retinal. Art can reach out an engage the viewer. What will folks say of today’s art hundreds of years in the future?

Looks like to me most anything is art. It’s the great cure for boredom. I have a great time in my art studio making all sorts of clay wall art. It’s fun and I enjoy it.

What are the different styles of art?

As we move thought history was can see art has been classified into many styles and movements. The styles and art movements were in some cases defined by the artists themselves. They evolved over time and were related into these movements. There are so many of them I can’t list them all here but here are some of my favorites.

Art is infinite

My art is purchased for many reasons. Sometimes customers have a blank wall that needs to be filled. Other times folks see my artwork and it triggers an emotion and a purchase is made. I hope it’s the later and not the former but in any case I greatly appreciate my art going to a good home.

Please take time to visit this site and read my articles under my blog. Also feel free to look at my ceramic wall art.

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