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What you need to know before you go to Short Mountain TN. The Cannon County Arts Center is a nonprofit organization located at 1424 John Bragg Hwy, Woodbury, TN 37190, based in Woodbury in Tennessee. In a single facility, the Arts Center of Cannon County (ACCC) consists of a playhouse, art gallery and concert venue. The Cannon Community Playhouse, the Cannon County Historical Society and the Cannon Artists Association cooperate with the Arts Center. The original Arts Center was opened in March 1991, an area of 7,000 square feet. The facility has been expanded several times and now occupies 18,000 square meters.

Map and Directions to Arts Center of Cannon County in Short Mountain TN

Programs offered at Cannon County Arts Center in Short Mountain TN

Arts Center of Cannon County’s educational programming focuses primarily on theater and music education for children and young people between the ages of 6 and 18. The Arts Center collaborates with schools in the Cannon County and surrounding counties for its School Matinee program in order to introduce students to their first formal art experience.  ACCC provides teachers with educational materials that prepare students for a theater performance at the Arts Center by a mix of students and volunteers.

The Arts Center also hosts a Summer Youth Conservatory with two Junior (grade 1-6) and one Senior (grade 7-12) sessions. Each session lasts two weeks and offers classes and workshops in basic and advanced acting techniques, creative movement, vocal training and musical training, and each session ends with a student performance.

The ACCC presents the art of local and rural artists through annual events and exhibitions of museums and galleries.

The Arts Center is coordinating and hosting the annual White Oak Craft Fair in Woodbury, Tennessee, which awards artisanal work awards in traditional crafts such as carpentry, pottery, metalworking, glasswork and basketry. There are also textile and fabric works, handmade jewelry, woodworking and photography at the Craft Fair. The ACCC facilities include a craft store that sells local craftsmen’s works throughout the year and is part of the Cumberland Crafts Trail.

The Marley Berger Gallery of the Arts Center hosts six shows per year, focusing on traditional works and works related to and/or important to local culture. The gallery features shows by local artists and traveling shows curated by the Arts Center.

The Wilma Adams Theater at the Arts Center hosts six public performances per year and three children’s performances per year for school groups, including established plays and musicals, as well as works by local and lesser-known actors. The theater also hosts concerts by folk, bluegrass, blues, and jazz music and tribute bands from around the world. Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, Nnenna Freelon, Dr., were previous performances at the Arts Centre. Ralph Stanley, The Fairfield Four, Leon Redbone, and the Fisk Jubilee Singers.

Cannon County Arts Center History

The facility was presented with the Tennessee Governor’s Arts Award in the Community Division in 1992.

The Arts Center started its School Matinee program in 1993 and started its Summer Youth Conservatory in 1995.

In 1996 and 1998, the 100 best small art towns in America identified the Arts Center as one of the main reasons why Woodbury was included. The ACCC was also selected for the Tennessee Governor’s Conference for the Arts in 1998 as one of the three hosts.

In 2002, the Arts Center established its own Spring Fed Records label and was one of the pilots of the National Endowment for the Local Folk Arts Infrastructure Initiative. In 2003, the ACCC hosted the folklorists of the Southern Arts Federation at the South Conference and the Old Time Herald’s Spring Fed Records Uncle Dave at Home was named the Old Time Release of the Year.

In 2008, the critically acclaimed John Work III: Recording Black Culture by Spring Fed Records received the Grammy Award for Best Album Notes.

In 2011, the ACCC received the Tennessee Governor’s Award for Environmental Stewardship for the solar energy installation “Power of Art” of the facility.

In 2009, the center was awarded a grant to digitize 1000 photos of the county’s agricultural history.

In-House Record Label at Cannon County Arts Center

Started in 2002, Spring Fed Records is the Arts Center’s in-house record label, which focuses primarily on traditional bluegrass, country, folk, and gospel and blues recording anthologies and reissues. SFR’s John Work III: Black Culture Recording, a compilation of folklore recordings by John Work III, won the Grammy Award for Best Album Notes. In 2010, SFR started to record local folk and bluegrass artists. Springfed Records is now owned by the State University of Middle Tennessee.

Local Artists in Rutherford County - not far from Short Mountain Tn

Buying art directly from the artist can be a rewarding experience. The best reason why might be because you have the opportunity to get a much deeper connection to the artist and their work. You have the opportunity to learn more about the art you purchased and it’s history. How it was made and what the artist was thinking when it was created.

The Blue Wing Bird has a neutral background and high contrast complementary hues were chosen to decorate the bird. The bird stands out from the background creating visual interest. Both the bird and the background were formed by hand. Notice how the each of the colors flow through the design creating interest but not overpowering the other colors. Each color has it own visual weight and can hold it’s own individually and is complementary to it’s surrounding hues.

Local art example
Blue Wing Bird Murfreesboro Home Decor

By talking directly with the artist the artwork can then start to develop a personal meaning for you. You get to interact with the artist by asking questions interacting with the artist and enjoying your art buying experience.

Most artists are very friendly and will gladly talk about their art. One big advantage of buying directly from the artist is that you have access to their entire collection of work; even artwork they have not fully completed started and is not for sale yet. This gives you the opportunity to purchase before anyone else.

Usually buying art directly from the artist is more casual and in most cases much less complicated than buying from a gallery or auction. Take time to talk to the artist and ask questions like the stories behind the art for example. This will allow you to discover other important facts and the history of the art. Also inquire about any special materials used and if there are any special care instructions. After all you want to extend the life of the artwork as much as possible.

Also ask for contact information. You want to stay in contact with the artist. If the artist starts to receive great success you will want to be the first to know. One good way is to ask the artist for website information. Almost all artists these days have websites. After you purchase your art the last and best thing to do is enjoy it.

Art And Pricing

Pricing art can depend on the market demand like most any other product however there are always exceptions. So what is going on in the market place can have an influence on price. There are many folks like art dealers, galleries and appraisers that can put a value on art. These are folks who know art and have a good understanding of what the item is worth. But in any case there should be a reasonable and fair way of demonstrating that the price is fair.
The Feeding Bird Wall Art was modeled after the popular Red-winged Blackbird native to the region. The bird has a conical tail and a stocky, broad-shouldered stature. Red-winged Blackbirds often have a humpbacked silhouette. As you can tell this is a male bird as noted by the red and yellow shoulder badges.  These birds are very active thus the artwork depicts the bird in action. All colors go well with black. And the red and yellow accents make the artwork pop. You can’t go wrong using colors from nature as our eyes are already trained that these are natural hues that go well together.
Murfreesboro Native Feeding Bird Wall Art

In many cases if buying directly from he artist you can negotiate. The artist will most always entreating a reasonable price for their work. If it not possible to demonstrate how much the artwork is valued then it will be difficult to sell. The last thing to do is to pull a price out of thin air.

So how do you start and where to begin. It’s easy if there is a history to go back on. Let’s say for example one piece sold for $200.00 and you are purchasing a similar item then a $200.00 price would be a fair price to pay. You can always ask if the price is negotiable. If the artist is ready to sell at a lower price then he or she will make a counter offer or reveal a lower price. If the artist does not have a comparable piece then you might be able to use another similar artwork and its price as a base line. However this is clearly not as good due to it’s not produced by the same artist therefore can have a very different price.

Another way to start at a price is to take what time and materials the artist has put into the work and go from there. So let’s say an artist has put $100.00 worth of materials into the artwork and 20 hours of labor. A starting price or reasonable price could be calculated by taking the labor and multiplying it by an hourly wage and then add in the cost of materials. So in the example the price of the artwork would be $20 x $20 per hour = $400 plus $100 materials equals $500.00. But the problem with this method is that the artist experience is really not factored into the price. It is to a degree by the hourly wage but here is where it starters to get tricky. What is the hourly wage for an artist? Good question. So to use this method, it just a starting point.

Now if the artist is selling nationally then all the previous mentioned pricing schemes can be thrown out the window.

This means the artist has a loyal following and their art is in demand. If the artist has very little art to sell then the price might go up even more due to demand. At this point there may even be folks waiting on art to be created. There may be a waiting list to buy. The not so good news is that you might have to pay whatever the artist is asking for at the time. However if the artist is in demand now there are chances the price you pay today will be much less than what the future price will be. At some point in the future you could be holding on to a valuable artwork in your private collection.

If an artist is selling nationally this probably means that they have a loyal following or their work is rare. This means that a gallery or appraiser considers the artwork to be nothing like they have ever seen before. It’s totally unique and there is no way to compare the artwork to anything else like it in the past. In addition, people could be saying I love it and I do not care what it cost I have to have it. In this case there is no way to compare it to anything else thus its price accordingly.

And if Guggenheim has purchased something from the artist then unfortunately you will have to pay whatever, if you want the artwork.

Art in Murfreesboro TN

If you are looking to buy art in Murfreesboro TN then you are in the right place. Green Cat artwork was modeled after my oldest son’s cat named Axel. He was a stray my son brought home one day. And after he gave my son the sad hungry look he became part of the family. He always had a happy smiling look ever since.

Murfreesboro Wall Art Green Cat

Murfreesboro Art Crawl

The boro art crawl is a great way to start to build or expand your personal art collection. The boro art crawl is kind of like an open studio except 10 times bigger. An open studio is when artists open their doors to the public to show their personal work spaces. They show off their work so that customers can see completed pieces and work in progress. These events are usually low key and time sensitive.

The art crawl venue has opened up a new way for many local artists to sell their art to the local community. Usually the art crawl starts about 6:00 PM in the evening on a Friday night and lasts to 9:00 PM. There are usually spring/summer and fall venues. Artists are assigned a local business to partner up with. This is the location where the artist will be showing their art. The business provided space for the artist at their location. It’s a win for the artist and the business. Customers comes to see the art and also learn more about the local businesses. In the end everyone has fun and gets to meet new friends.

Usually there are at least 19 to 20 or so businesses that sign up for the events. There are many artists showing their fine art and many of the business will be serving refreshments.

There is no charge for the art venue. So if you are an artist or a customer there is no charge to enter the venue. As an artist you should sign up and be accepted. If accepted by the boro art crawl committee you can then display your artwork at one of the participating local businesses. As a customer there is no need to sign up just show up and stroll thru Murfreesboro city streets visiting the local shops. This has truly become a great event for many local individuals and families.

Art and Passion

Artists are passionate about their work. In most cases they have dedicated most of their time and resources into making artwork. They will gladly engage in conversations about their work or talk about art in general. You should seek out local art venues and get to know your local artists. You should ask questions about their work. Don’t be afraid to ask them what motivates them. I think you will be pleasantly surprised if you decide to purchase art from local artists you truly can add some beautiful items to your art collection at reasonable prices. I hope this article was of value to you and I gave you some valuable information.

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