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Popular items for a guy’s best friend, best friend ceramic fish sculpture. Friendship wall art gifts for moving day. Father’s day handmade trout. Dad or guy stripe bass gift, BFF birthday gifts and couples who like  handmade fish art. Want to buy a super gift but don’t know where to begin? Well you found the right place if you are interesting purchasing all original handmade ceramic artwork. My handmade artwork makes great gifts for most any occasion.

This page links to several  articles I wrote, see below,  helping you with art purchases for male friends.

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Most popular ceramic fish sculpture colors today. In this article I’ll give you solid decorating ideas and color options that will help you with your BFF gift purchase.

I’ll talk about what colors go well together, shapes and features to look out for and my top 6 ceramic fish gift ideas that you will fall in love with. In the end you will know how to select the right color combinations that look fantastic.

Your best friend will be impressed and of course very grateful for your efforts.

Originality is important in art. When choosing a gift for your best friend originally is very important. Did you know that most art galleries refuse to sell replicas? Why spend money on a replica when you can purchase an original work of art for your friend?

Most folks would rather have an original and not a mass produced replica. Giving original artwork gifts show you took the extra time and steps to seek out the perfect original gift for your friend.

For an artist to create an original work of art it takes many years of practicing, trying and failing and learning. In this article I explain what does original art really mean and the definition of art as I know it.

After reading you will have a greater appreciation for purchasing and receiving original artwork as gifts.

In this article I talk about making dogs into ceramic art. What better gift for your best friend than one of my ceramic dogs?

This is an interesting write-up and insight on my process on how I make my dog art and what goes into the making of each gift. Here I am working on a color scheme for my project. The clay piece has just been painted and now is ready for the firing process.

I walk you through the making of two black and tan retriever dogs. I discuss the thought process of how they came to be and why they turned out the way they did.

And finally, I tell you a little about my dogs. As you will find out I am a dog lover and therefore it’s easy to understand why I am passionate about making ceramic dogs.

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