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Popular gifts for your female best friend. Give your best friend an original handmade ceramic cat. Or how about a friendly tomcat, or a black cat? These make great birthday gifts and are best gifts for Christmas too. Feline owners are fanatics and love to have the best cat decor of any kind. Therefore you can’t go wrong.

This page links to other popular articles, see below, giving you solid ideas and color options that will help your with your art purchases for your female best friend.

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Most popular ceramic cat colors today. In this article I wrote solid advice giving you  decorating ideas and color options that will help you with your BFF cat gift purchase.

I’ll talk about tried and true color combinations, cat home decor inspirations and my gallery of ceramic cat gift ideas that you will fall in love with.

In the end you will know how to select the right color combinations that look fantastic and will know more about my cats and why I am so passionate about creating artwork for my friends.

Your best friend will be impressed with your selection and of course very grateful for your gift.

This article I wrote about what you need to know about how to choose the right color combination for your best friend’s gift.

In this article you will learn what are the best color combinations. Modern color combinations used today with real examples.

You will also learn all about  different color schemes and how I apply them to my art. This will give you a better understanding of the level of effort that went into making a gift and of course your best friend will appreciate you purchasing original artwork. Your friend’s gift will have much more meaning.

This article I wrote helping you is you are struggling to come up with color combinations? Would like to pick out a gift for for your best friend but are just not sure on what colors will  work?

Well why not ask and artist? Who knows more about colors than an artist, right?

In this article I talk about what is the most popular color in art, explain the different color schemes, tell you everything you need to know about primary colors, what colors you should NEVER use and my color predictions for the future.

After reading my article your best friend will be impressed with your color selections and knowledge.

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