What Causes The Leaves To Change Color In The Fall

Nothing like getting into the festive mood by looking at beautiful fall and autumn colors of golden leaves to get decor ideas. In the peak of the autumn season green leaves turn into beautiful shades of yellow, red and orange. These beautiful colors mark the end of summer and beginning of winter.

What causes the leaves to change color in the fall? The chlorophyll breaks down, the green color disappears, and the yellow to orange colors become visible and give the leaves part of their fall splendor. At the same time other chemical changes may occur, which form additional colors through the development of red anthocyanin pigments.

Anyone can transform their dining room, living room or any room for that matter into an elegant autumn or fall retreat by adding bold fall colors of yellow, orange and a splash of red. Scroll through these beautiful fall photos to get decorating color ideas to get your home in the festive spirit. From deep greens to vibrant reds these rustic colors will get you inspired fall decorating.

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