White walls with feature colour

Do you have plain walls that look boring? Are you looking for decorating ideas for white walls? Well you came to the right place. Here you will find plenty of decorating ideas for white walls and more. 

White Wall Decorating Ideas

White walls with feature colour:

  1. Add texture to white walls by adding wainscoting to walls. There are many styles like slat-wall panels, tongue and groove and architectural designs.
  2. Add tables and curtains with subtle patterns next to white walls.
  3. Paint one wall or part of the wall a lighter or darker shade of white. Not all whites are the same hue.
  4. Add a light marble or gray pattern throw rug to the space.
  5. Add colorful accessories to your walls. By adding an anchor color it gives the room visual weight.
  6. Glamorize your wall space buy using metallic accents like brass or chrome.
  7. Hang wallpaper with a subtle design pattern. You can even frame wallpaper for an enchanting look.
  8. Hang mirrors. Mirrors make great additions and play with the light.

Contemporary Decorating Ideas for White Walls Image Gallery

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Black and white wall mural bedroom with pink bed and gold accents
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Look no further for your new favorite white paint color - The walls and ceiling in this space are Benjamin Moore Cloud White
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Staircase and white walls - a sunshine yellow front door a large metal framed round mirror - Capiz shell
Wall Paneling Paint Color Benjamin Moore Simply White OC-17
White wall bedroom with blues in bedding
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White walls, black column radiator, potted plant and original Victorian floor tiles make the entrance hallway feel elegant and contemporary
White dove for walls and simply white for trims - notice how they paint the baseboard white and keep other places wood
Wood beams - dark wood floors - white walls
Artwork on light colored walls
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Floor bamboo plant
Gorgeous gallery walls above the sofa
Home decorated with homemade furniture - lush plants and children artwork
Intersecting squares decorative wall shelf
Modern farmhouse -inspired space
Picture ledge wall collage
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Soft green Fabienne sofa from Lulu and Georgia Soft green sofa - distressed cherry rug - eggshell white walls - a dash of peachy pink in the lovely throw - Eclectic and modern
Warm and cozy room with white walls
White paint color for walls and trim
White room with contrasting door
White bath towel ladder
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Irresistible beach house with white walls
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Fiddle leaf green fig tree decal on white wall behind a white desk
Hague Blue spindles and white walls - a sunshine yellow linen Roman blind and a gallery wall of contemporary prints
House is painted in Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige
Print on matt paper decor
Rustic refined simple white wood stone
The color of the sofa pairs so well with the art - which suggests road trip - nature - or camping - The two plants - too - enhance the notion of traveling to the woods
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Wood pegs on the white walls are used for wine storage in this modern kitchen
Black and white framed prints on white wall
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Give your alcove over to the office - Transition with a cream feature wall adorned with rock-n-roll artwork The color ties into the living room
Hammered metal lantern is executed with the purity of a natural material
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Hapao black and white basket wall art
Line drawing series framed on white walls in modern living room
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Serene bedroom with white walls - a shell chandelier and bedding layered with capiz shells - raffia - burlap - and linen
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White walls - a mustard yellow floor lamp - Moroccan rug cushions made from Josef Frank Svenst Tenn fabric on the sofa

Source: Pintrest

If you are living in a home and you have a bedroom, bathroom, nursery or living room with white walls you are lucky. The reason why is because White is the most popular color and goes well with all colors. You have a blank canvas to play with. Think of it like you took a trip to the store and purchased a blank canvas for your new artwork project. You now have the freedom to pick and choose your colors. Everything goes great with white. White color equals freedom.

I began my artwork many years ago and worked hard to perfect my techniques. I quickly found out early in my art career that selecting the right colors in art is a must. You can have the most beautiful artwork but if the colors are off your art will not be appealing. This also applies to interior home design and décor. That’s why working with color, lighting, patterns and hanging art are important when adding personality to boring spaces. You want your home décor to be appealing.

A great idea on how to add texture to white walls

Let’s start with some easy home decorating ideas first. One of the easiest strategies is to add texture to your existing white boring bedroom, bathroom nursery or living room. Start by adding subtle patterns that give a sense of texture. For example, you can start with marble in light gray color patterns or a light gray carpet with a subtle design pattern.

Simply White (OC-117), Benjamin Moore

Tables and curtains with subtle patterns are also a great choice. The key here is to use a subtle design pattern that is not overbearing but just enough to give off the appearance of texture. Another great idea is to paint one wall or an area in a slightly darker or different shade of white. Not all white colors are the same. There are thousands of colors of white. Choose a color that is just a shade or two different than your original wall color. This subtle difference is enough to give the room character and add interest to an otherwise boring room.

Here are some of my favorites white colors:

Polar Bear 75, Behr.
• Painter’s White PPU18-08, Behr.
• White 52, Behr.
• Silky White PPU7-12.
• Shadow White (No. 282), Farrow & Ball.

Simply White (OC-117), Benjamin Moore.
• Mountain Air (SW 6224), Sherwin-Williams.
• Close Knit (T17-01), Behr.
• Chalk White (2126-70), Benjamin Moore.
• Promenade (7006-3), Valspar.

White wall ideas and decorating with accessories

Another easy and clever home decorating idea to add interest to an otherwise white boring room or apartment is to add colorful accessories. The added benefit is that this also adds your person touch to the room. Adding your personality, tells a story in the accessories, artwork and books you curate. Many times a room feels less lived in and less like a home without your personal touches.

To glamorize, use metallic accents like brass and chrome. A simple large scale print or artwork in a brass frame makes a nice center piece. Many times I can easily find a nice frame but the subject matter is not what I want. So, I pick a wallpaper design I like and cover the print. For example, this one, white Mica wallpaper would look great in a large scale frame.

Brass Frame with White Mica Wallpaper

Brass Frame with Light Gray Wallpaper

Wallpaper patterns are endless. By using a flourishing forest scene on a bright glistening brass frame makes for an enchanting subtle statement on your wall. The wall paper design adds a storybook like scene with a magical tree forest shimmering like effect. This décor can transform your boring living room, bathroom or retreat. This is also a quick update to enhance any space. Plus, you can change out the wallpaper with new patterns easily. Just choose patterns and colors to match.

Ideas for going bold with accent colors when decorating apartments, living rooms, bathrooms and a nursery for white walls

White color walls inspires relaxation and meditation. White brings calm and is a spiritual color. By adding an anchor color gives the room more visual weight. Darker shades of white, gray or even lighter shades of brown for example. Most any color works well with white.

From there you can add even more colors to give the room personality to standout more. Deeper bolder accent colors like chartreuse, cobalt and fuchsia for example work well. Matching colors from artwork is also a great idea. In this photo by Alexandra Gorn, green is used as an accent color. Artwork and furniture colors in green provide visual interest to a White room. Additional earthy colors are used to tie in the natural color scheme. 

The green leaves of the artwork tie into the earthy brown flowers on the dresser.

Ideas for hiding electronics when decorating apartment and living rooms with white walls

I personally am not a big fan of large screen TVs hanging on the wall in my living room. But sometimes there is not any other way around it so if that’s the case the best thing to do is to incorporate your TV into your design. For example, you could mount your TV into a gallery of artwork. This way it gives the appearance it’s just part of the gallery. Very clever.

Another great decorating idea is to incorporate your TV into furniture. For example, like in this photo by Mr. Chen, the large screen TV is buried in the wooden hutch. The TV is not the first thing you see when entering the room. Therefore it’s not the main focal point of the room. The room is not all about the TV. But the TV is present and when ready accessible for viewing without overpowering the entire room.

Incorporate your TV into furniture.

Another brilliant way to disguise your TV is to mount it on a bold patterned wall. This way the TV gets lost in the pattern. It becomes less noticeable and does not become the prominent feature in the room. Here is a perfect example in the photo by Dan Gold.

Incorporate your TV into a busy wall.

Use of mirrors when decorating white walls for apartments, living room, bathroom and nursery

Mirrors are great additions. Mirrors play with the light and give the room an extension or depth. Mirrors can take small spaces and give it the illusion it’s much larger. In this Photo by Autoestima Cidada the dining room appears to be double the actual length due to the mirror placed at the end of the room.

Decorating with mirrors can play with the light and add the illusion of doubling your space.

mirror at end of table

In this photo by Milada Vigerova a simple round mirror hanging on the wall with a back strap amplifies the space. The mirror give off reflection and creates an interesting focal point on a boring white wall.

Decorating with mirrors add the illusion of space.

Having White Walls Gives You Total Freedom To Pick Any color

To wrap up and bring to a conclusion these are just a few of the many ways to decorate a room with white walls. Whether your room is a bedroom, bathroom, nursery or living room with white walls these ideas will help add character and provide visual interest. So consider yourself lucky if you have boring white walls. You now have total freedom to add any color.

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