Characteristics of Modern Art

Modern art is the basis of pretentious talk. However, so many of us don’t understand the characteristics completely. Modern art is a philosophical movement in art history. In Western culture, modernism describes a collection of genres that are all dedicated to the same fundamental agenda. And that agenda is to challenge the definition of what is art.

We have built standards for what was or wasn’t art for centuries. Then something changed in the 19th century. But I submit to you that nothing really has changed because artists have always pushed the envelope of traditional assumptions, rejected art standards, and explored new ways of expressing themselves. Modern movement and art as we know it has transformed and still is transforming. So, it’s fair to say it’s characteristics are evolving.

Modern Art Attributes

David Graeber ‘s essay on bullshit jobs is a masterpiece that shows the pointlessness of most work, the psychological and spiritual damage it causes and how people are fooled to direct their well- justified anger to those who build lives of true meaning.

Solitude by Blair Buswell

Blair likes the challenge of capturing a subject’s gesture, mood and expression. He has learned that all great art begins with a strong composition, which guides the viewer’s eye through the abstract forms. He tries to combine all these elements in order to bring out a sense of life in his work.

Modern Art Illustration

Architecture in Modern Art

Architecture design sculpture

Architecture design face

The climb modern art

Stunning brick sculptures

Brad Spencer Reidsville, a North Carolina- based artist, works with bricks to produce eye catching figurative sculptures. Each piece of work in the growing collection of the sculptor is a fascinating look at a common medium that is used unconventionally.

By Ari-Matti Toivonen game artist

Hammer and nails sculpture

Man in wall sculpture

Abstract art

Flavio Greco Paglia
Poster Artist – Illustrator

This is the illustration he did for Ventana Sur / INCAA. It’s a poster for Blood Window, its horror & fantasy film market. It is representing the segment in many international film festivals throughout the year. He took this painting process from a Sam Neilson’s tutorial.

Zombie art

Puking rainbows art

Is modern art trash?

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