Making Ceramic Dogs Into Art

I started with a clay block and cut several large pieces of clay from the block. They were about 10 inches by 10 inches in size. I formed up the clay to the exact shape for each dog. The two dogs were hand made using the clay pieces and then the clay was fired in the kiln. This was the first firing. the kiln was fired to about 2000 degrees. I decided to go with a Tan, Gray and Black color scheme for the dogs. Each section was painted. Most of the dogs face was painted in the Tan and Gray color with Black used as an accent color to make the wall art more interesting. I also used Red as an accent color by painting the dog’s tongue Red. The last step in the painting process was to paint the outline for each shape on the dogs face separating each color with a black line. This gives definition and makes the clay art work standout and look more interesting and defined.

How My Two Dogs Look Before Firing in the Klin

I am currently working on two new dog themed wall art ceramics. I sculpted both dogs from clay. These two pups are ready for a second firing in the kiln.

Dog wall art about to be fired. Sculpted from clay.

Closer Look at the Big Dog

The bigger Dog turned out nicely. Here is a closer look before this piece goes into the kiln. This one will be fired with others later when I have more. I always want to fill up the kiln as much as possible before firing.

Ceramic dog art project.

Dog wall decor ideas and gifts​

Do you have boring walls or blank spaces on your walls? Are you a dog lover? Do you like ceramic dog wall art? Do you have spaces you would like to make more interesting? Well if so you came to the right place for ceramic dog themed wall art décor and gift ideas.

As you know, most dog owners are fanatics about their dogs. Any kind of dog themed gift or dog art is a great idea. And you know they will appreciate the gift. And if you are thinking about purchasing for yourself that even better. As you know there are many mass produced dog themed artworks available. And if it meets your needs then that perfectly all right to purchase.
Please take time to check out my store and the clay artwork I created. My store carries original handmade ceramic art created by me. For each piece of art I create there is usually a story. Many times the artwork is modeled after one of my pets and the fun times we shared.

How to Hang Clay Dog Art on the Wall

On the back of each dog I molded way to hang the art work on the wall. Each dog can be put into a plate holder or mounted on the wall using the hanger mount I molded into the back of each clay dog face. Either way makes for a great dog themed art decor and it’s easy to hang on the wall.

Dog House Ideas

As a dog lover you should make things as comfortable as possible for your dog or dogs while also making yourself comfortable too. And although this seems like an impossible task it can be done and it all starts with making the right choices.
Let’s start with flooring ideas. Over the years I have learned that carpet traps most everything and it’s next to impossible to get it out once it been ground in. While the carpet is new it’s relatively easy to clean but after a while it gets tougher and tougher to clean. Eventually nothing works anymore and all you have is a dirty carpet.
That’s where a hard surface floors come in. They are more expensive but well worth the price if you have pets. It’s much easier to clean and resist stains much better. If you really want carpet you can always purchase an area rug. Area rugs can be replaced very easily when it gets to the point where it can be no longer cleaned to your satisfaction.
One word of caution is that I would not consider purchasing hard surfaces like marble or natural stone due to they absorb stains and are harder to keep clean. Good hard surfaces are laminate flooring or ceramic tiles. These products have a very hard surface that resists stains.
Another good decor idea is to match your flooring color to your pet hair color. For example, if you have a yellow Labrador dog a dark wood grain floor will show the pet hair. Having a lighter color floor the hair will not be as noticeable and will blend in. You will still have a hairy mess to clean but at least it will not show as much.
Try to choose stain resistant fabric for your chairs and sofas. Leather is sometimes a good option but beware cat love to claw them. It’s not intentional they just can’t resist a good sofa to claw on. I would choose a sofa made of stain resistant fabric over leather any day. In general you want your pets to stay off the furniture if at all possible. So the best approach is you agree is to make sure your pets have a place of their own.
A great idea is dog beds and our dog pillows. Purchasing pet furniture is a good way to teach your pet this is their space therefore they do not chew up your furniture. Plus they can be really fun. If you want to have a certain look and feel and do not like your dog laying around in all your living room chairs you can always opt for a per chair. I prefer this option even over using slipcovers. For some reason most all slipcovers make furniture look like a car seat.
Maybe you have better luck than me. A designated chair just for your pet seems to be a really good option. It can be covered with a throw blanket or pillow that can be easily washed. And if you match the color of the pillows and blanket to your pet then their hair will not be as noticeable. Another really great idea that has worked very well for me is to have plenty of doggy toys. When your dogs are bored that’s when trouble starts. By having plenty of toys many times they will play with the toys instead of eating up your sofa. But you will need to engage them with the toys. They need to have play time with you using their toys otherwise this scheme will not work. Dogs will use up all their energy playing with the toys and in the end they will be less energetic.

Best Pets to Have Are the Four Legged Kind

Over the years I have had many dogs, most of them Labs. The Labrador retriever has to be one of the friendliest dogs ever.

Cooper getting ready for a Christmas Party 2016.

Labrador Retriever "Cooper"
And very good with children. Out of all my Labs not one ever snapped at my kids or acted unfriendly. This is truly an amazing bread of dogs. Labs range in size from about 20 inches at the shoulder to about 25 inches depending on if they are a full blooded or not. They weigh anywhere from 60 to over 100 pounds. And they come in yellow, black or chocolate colors. Over the years I have had all three colors. All my Labs loved the water and were very enthusiastic. Each one was gentle, intelligent and became part of the family.

My dogs

One night I was startled by the phone ringing. I jumped out of bed and looked at the clock. I asked myself who is calling at 2:00 AM in the morning.
I answered the phone and the person at the other end said he was the Manager at Walgreens and apologized for calling at such a late time but wanted to inform me my dogs were at his store shopping the dog food isle. I responded in horror, what, that can’t be. After a quick check I confirmed my Labs were missing. My black Lab “Ike” and my chocolate Lab “Alvin” were gone, nowhere to be found. I told the store manager I would be there in a few minutes to get them. He said no hurry they are not leaving the dog food isle.
When I got to the store the manager told me they just walked right in and headed to the dog food isle. The automatic doors opened for them and they came on in. He said they knew what they wanted and acted like they were regular customers. He said the black Lab “Ike”, led the way followed by the younger chocolate Lab, “Alvin”. The store manager was able to identify me as the owner due to the dog collars had my name and phone number. He said they were real friendly and added some excitement to a rather boring night. Yep, what an interesting night!

The six million dollar dog

That’s what I called him. But his real name was Cooper. He was my yellow Lab. He was incredible! He would do whatever you told him to do no matter what was going on. To give you an example, my other dog a beagle mix “Buddy” got into a fight. I was walking both Buddy and Cooper on our usual morning walk when we were attacked by a stray bit pull. While Buddy and the pit bull were fighting I told Cooper to sit and stay while I broke up the fight. After several minutes I finally was able to separate the pit bull from Buddy and end the fight. Then I remembered Cooper, I turned to see where he was. And to my amazement there he was, sitting in the exact same place where I told him to sit.
He got his name after the movie “The Six Million Dollar Man” about an astronaut who after a crash had some of his body parts replaced with machine parts giving him superman like powers. One day Cooper started to walk with a limp after chasing a tennis ball. I took him to our local veterinarian who looks after the health of all my animals. My veterinarian said Cooper needs ACL surgery. He had a torn ligament around his knee joint. Cooper had the surgery and the necessary physical therapy for six weeks to recover. When I found out how much the surgery costs I nicknamed him the six million dollar dog. He was called the six million dog for many years afterword. He didn’t mind. All he cared about was chasing that tennis ball.

I had many dogs over the years and all of them had their own unique personalities and behaviors. I have had too many dogs to write about all of them. Each were considered part of the family and had their own place in my house. We shared many good times together. When I create my ceramic clay dog themed artwork it’s usually based on some real life experience with one of my many dogs. There is usually some kind of story behind each dog wall art.

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