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Feline owners are fanatics and love to have the best cat decor of any kind. They love their animals and everything that has to do with cats including related wall décor and home accessories. If you know animal lovers then you know any kind of cat themed room or wall decoration is a great idea. You can be assured your feline lover will appreciate the artwork. Also, in this article I discuss cat friendly designs that work well, easy to clean and are easily replaced if damaged. These ideas are tried and true.

It’s easy to purchase cat themed art that is mass produced. And in many cases it’s the right thing to do depending on the circumstances. On my cat art home decor I use low fire glazes with up to three flowing hand painted coats using a a 04 bisque brush. I then allow each coat to dry and in some cases use a manual criss-cross brush stroke pattern for even coverage. It takes more time but its worth the extra effort. Many of my ceramic wall decorations are based on cats. For each artwork I create there is usually a story for each one. One or more are usually modeled after one of my own cats and my memories of the fun times we shared together.

I have had many cats over the years and all of them had their own unique personalities and behaviors.

Abby the calico cat

Abby a female cat lived to be 14 years old. She was a darker colored calico cat. She was more on the neurotic side. She was more fearful of people and rather suspicious and shy.

When the doorbell rang she would run and hide under the bed. Rather than facing the unknown she would prefer to hide. After a while she would seem to feel safe and then would venture out and maybe greet the visitor if they were still around.

You could always find her in her in her safe place which was in my daughter’s bed room.

Axle the Tomcat

Axel liked throw blankets

The exact opposite was a cat my oldest son brought home one day called Axle.

He was a male tomcat. He was given the name Axle because he had to have a tough name and he was a male cat belonging to my son. My son would not stand to have his cat named “Pinky” or something like that.

Axle was an extrovert. He was one of the most curious cats I’ve owned. He needed more mental stimulation and had a lot of pent-up energy. He would play with string for hours. Chasing it around the room.

After a while my arm would get tired of pulling the string before he would get tired of chasing it. He was also very impulsive. Many times he would dart around the room.

You could always find him in my son’s lap while he watched television in the living room. When my son went away to college and then moved out on his own Axle had a tough time.

He would always try to aggravate Abby. Finally, he settled down and as he got older became less impulsive.

But for some reason I always looked at him as a child.

Through my eyes he was always a kitten. Even when he turned 15 years old I still saw him as the kitten my son brought home one day.

I guess that’s when you know they were family.

Sal the agreeable cat

Sal has some good ideas and liked to lay furniture

And then there is Mr. Agreeable. He is a black and white medium hair cat called Sal. He looks like he is wearing a bow tie.

He walks around the house like he owns the place. Nothing bothers him. When the doorbell rings he holds his ground and will not back away.

He will usually come to greet any visitor who comes to the door. He is pretty well trained and will even come when you call him. He likes to play and especially likes to roll balls around on the kitchen floor. He will chase the small toy balls we buy him around and around for hours.

He is usually found taking a nap on one of the kitchen chairs under the table. That’s his favorite place to hang out.

He always gives you a friendly meow and always like attention. He was 17 years old when he peacefully went to sleep.

Silvester "Sal" RIP God Bess 3-13-2019

I have had many more cats than what I have mentioned above. Too numerous to write about all of them. Each has had their own personality just as we humans.

And just as each had their own personality they had their own story to tell. They were treated like family and just like family we shared many memories together.

Feline friendly designs and cat wall decor idea gallery

As a pet owner and a homeowner you need to be able to make everyone comfortable both yourself and your pets.

And in my opinion after owning both cats and dogs it starts with making the right choices for your home décor.

Using A Hard Surfaced Floor is a good idea

One big lesson I have learned is that you should avoid carpet at all costs.

Carpet is usually cheaper and it’s easy to install but it has too many problems. Even with today’s modern carpet that can resist stains and wear better in my opinion it still does not make sense to purchase and here is why.

Even if you have to spend a little more a hard surface is going to be the best option. What I have found is that carpet trap everything. Even with the best vacuum cleaner it still can’t remove everything that gets trapped in your carpet.

All kinds of stuff gets trapped like pet hair, odors and stains. I ended up going with a hard surfaced floor and have never regretted it.

If I need to have carpet in an area I’ll purchase an inexpensive area rug. When it get to the point where I can’t clean it like I need to then I can easily replace it.

A hard surface is easy to clean and does not stain easily. However I would stay away from hard surfaces like natural stones or marble as they tend to absorb stains and are harder to keep clean.

Great hard surfaces are laminate flooring or ceramic tiles. Also you can try to match your pet hair color. For example, if you have a light colored hair cat or a blond Labrador dog a dark wood grain floor will show all the pet hair.

Having a lighter color floor the hair will not be as noticeable.

Try to choose stain resistant fabric for your chairs and sofas.

Thank you to the above photographers for their outstanding photos. To see more of their work please go to

If you are interested in seeing more wall art decor ideas please visit my ceramic wall art galley on the home page.

Leather is sometimes a good option but beware cats love to claw them. It’s not intentional they just can’t resist a good leather sofa to claw on.

I know firsthand. My cats left their mark all over mine. I would choose a sofa made of stain resistant fabric over leather any day.

Pets On Furniture

Photo by Ember Ivory

In general, you want your pets to stay off the furniture you are using every day if at all possible. So, I think the best approach is to make sure your pets have a place of their own.

A great ideas are dog beds and our cat pillows. Purchasing pet furniture is a good way to teach your pet this is their space therefore they do not claw up your furniture, maybe. Plus they can be really fun. If you want to have a certain look and feel and do not like the cat jungle gyms with multiple platforms and ropes hanging down that look like a high rise cat condo you can always opt for a pet chair. I prefer this option even over using slipcovers.

For some reason most all slipcovers make furniture look like a car seats.

Maybe you have better luck than me. Or maybe I am using the wrong brand of covers. Anyway, a designated chair just for your pet seems to be a really good option. It can be covered with a throw blanket or pillow that can be easily washed. And if you match the color of the pillows and blanket to your pet then their hair will not be as noticeable.

In my house Sal has his own chair in the living room. He know it’s his and that’s the one he goes to all the time. Another really great idea that has worked very well for me is to have plenty of cat toys.

When your pets are bored that’s when trouble starts. By having plenty of toys many times they will play with the toys instead of clawing up your sofa, maybe. But you will need to engage them with the toys. They need to have play time with you with their toys otherwise this scheme will not work.

Cats will use up all their energy playing with the toys and in the end they will be less energetic. Which is great because now they are less interested in clawing up your furniture.

My top 7 cat wall decor bedroom ideas

Choose Earthy tones

Photo by Mikhail Vasilyev

As mentioned above a great idea is to match your décor to your cat’s color and this is especially true for the bedroom.

Your tabby or kitty is most likely going to be on your bed. So this means choosing décor which has more earthy tones to match your cat’s color.

Consider Using Throw Blankets

Please send me an email at bffart [@] gmx [dot] com if you are interest in my designs.

They Come in a Variety of Designs and Patterns

And are easy to throw in the washer or replace when necessary.

Earthy colors are more neutral and include Black, White, Gray, Brown, Tan and other colors that are derived from clay or earth pigments such as ochre, umber and sienna.

Earth tones are considered colors that come from natural things around us. So, it can also include leafy greens. But last time I checked there were no leafy green cats or kittens around. So if you have a tan cat, for example. I would put a Tan or light Brown throw blanket over the foot of the bed.

By matching color with my cat for example, you would see less cat hair and it’s much easier to clean a blanket than a bed spread.

Cat on Bed? Match color not to see pet hair

Cat in bedroom
Photo by Paul Hanaoka

To go a step further adding to the theme a contemporary silhouette of a cat or cat portrait hanging above the bed makes for a modern décor.

Any type of Black and White scheme works well. Also, cat prints done in Black and White is another good option.

The first thing when thinking of a cat themed bedroom is cat themed sheets. There are hundreds of bed sheets with cat designs.

One idea is to find a cat themed pattern you really love and then pick a primary color or accent color from the bed sheet pattern and use that color to paint your walls.

Or you could choose to paint just one wall. Painting just one wall is most likely to provide the biggest impact. I would consider painting the wall directly behind the bed.

Cat Themed Pillows

Don’t forget cat themes pillows with your cat themed sheets. They come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Some of my favorites are the humorous ones.

Basically, your will find bed sheets in to major categories. For kids and then there the ones for adults. For example, a Lego Unikitty or Unicorn cat images would be great for kids.

An adult theme would be simple silhouette patterns for example. Both kids and adult styles can be found in Microfiber which is very soft. I will not take long for your cat to start lounging the soft microfiber.

An Orange tabby kitty design is perfect for the animal lover. If you have a Tomcat for example this would be perr-fect!

Usually they come in a four piece set, one fitted, one flat and two pillow cases made of high quality soft brushed microfiber polyester that features multiple Orange tabby cats on a creamy tan background.

NeoJoy Cat Lamp

If you get lucky you might even be able to find some with a matching lamp shade. Most simple designs give off a nice modern look.

I would stick with simple modern patterns in primary colors that are easy to mix and match. Speaking of lights, don’t forget the Aristocrat themes.

They have many lights also. These are the NeoJoy cat lamps.

They are really more like night lights. They come with a remote control and come in many different colors with four brightness levels and 16 different colors.

Sometimes this is enough to create a soothing calm atmosphere to help you fall asleep. And it’s of course a perfect gift for cat lovers. These lamps have a simple streamline shape that goes well with most modern décor.

Other ideas include cat themed light covers for switches. With these fun switches no one will forget to turn off the lights.

They come in multiple colors so you can incorporate them into your décor.

They are super simple to install. They just fit over your light switch and are held in place with one or two screws.

You have to take off your original switch cover first. Just use a flat head screw driver to remove your existing switch cover and replace with your new fancy feline cover.

Blue Eyed Cat Light Switch Cover

Another great idea is high quality wall stickers. These can be applied to most any smooth surface relatively easy.

Most just simply peel and stick to the wall or tile. You can get some that are specifically made to go around your light switch. They come is all sizes.

Some of my favorites are the ones that are removable. Just peel, stick and adjust to your preference. They are made of removable self-adhesive PVC non-toxic material.

These are perfect home wall decorations that do not damage the wall. The two major ones I have seen are Black and White simple silhouette patterns and 3D wall stickers where a cute kitty is busting out of the wall.

One word of caution on these and any type of stickers is depending on the quality they may not stick to your wall.

You will need to make sure your wall is very clean and smooth. Also be prepared to apply some adhesive if necessary. Elmer’s repositionable mounts spray works but first be sure to read the instructions.

It provides a light tack and dries clear. The trick is not to spray too much and immediately after spraying you must clean the nozzle. This stuff is real gooey and it clogs the nozzle very easily.

I usually wipe off any excess from the nozzle with a damp paper towel or cloth and hold the can upside down and spray few times. This usually clears the nozzle because when you hold the can upside down only the propellant comes out thus cleaning the nozzle of glue.

I usually lay out the cat print on some newspaper in a well ventilated area and lightly spray the back. Just be careful because by not choosing the right adhesive you may end up damaging your wall. I have many of these delivered in rolled up clear plastic. They were very hard to unroll. I had to heat them up with a blower dryer and flatten them out.

Also, because they were poorly packaged they had creased in them that could not be flattened out. And some of the edges were damaged and they were of no use. These ended up in the garbage can.

Another trick is to use Elmer’s white glue. It’s a little more permanent and usually holds a little better.

Simple painted canvas with big bold cat patterns look great and work well. You can get these in a variety of sizes like 16 by 20 inches.

This is the perr-fect size for a bedroom. Most of these are digitally printed on a high quality oil canvas and then stretched and stapled to hold in place.

Most all come with screws and are generally ready to hang but I find I always have to add wire and or rubber stoppers to the bottom of the frame. Otherwise they move too much on the wall.

They come with two brackets on either side on the frame which requires you to put two screws in the wall which are perfectly level with each other. Getting it level is very difficult.

The other method is the manufacture sends you one mount that has a saw tooth design where the screw fits between the teeth. This is also very difficult to get level on the wall. The manufacture does this because it’s expensive.

I just throw their mounting hardware in the garbage and use my own. I place two screws with eyes (loops) on either side of the frame and connect them with picture hanging wire.

Now, once this is done handing on the wall is easy.

See my article on hanging clay – wall decor ideas home page for details and what to buy.

Calico Cat Themed Wall Clock

Great for any time, no pun intended, are cat themed wall clocks. The ones I am talking about are made from vinyl records.

When I first saw them I had to do a double take. They are actually made from old vinyl records. They have an amazing vintage look. They are usually about the size of a vinyl record which is twelve inches.

There are many templates to choose from and all look amazing. They go well with most modern interiors. In addition to the vinyl ones there are hundreds or the more traditional ones. These are large clock with a cat themed sticker on the clock face. Some look real cheap and some are really for kids. Most if not all these I would classify are for children.

There is one exception. It’s on the borderline of being a clock for a kid. It’s the “Kit Cat Klock Gentleman”. It’s a classic black cat clock that resembles a coo-coo clock. Today it’s available in many colors. It also has a very close resemblance to Felix the Cat. It’s been around since 1932, features rolling eyes, a wagging tail and a big smile.

It’s a little longer than fifteen inches. I just love these clocks. I think they are so cool. But you have to have a place for them since the styling does not work in all rooms.

This would go very well in a bedroom with Pet Rocks and Lava Lamps from the 1960s.

And I saved the best for last, my art. I have to recommend my art, right? If you like cats you are going to like my cart wall art decor.

It’s a unique style that goes well with most any cat themed décor. It even looks great all by itself. And even makes a perr-fect gift for any cat lover.

All my cat art is handmade from real clay. They are not mass produced. My items are not made of polymer clay either.

Polymer clay can be purchase over the counter in hobby stores. Polymer clay does not require expertise and knowledge of operating a kiln. It dries on its own and becomes hard over time. Or can be heated using low temperatures like a kitchen oven.

There is also clay art that is mass produced. These are real clay pieces but they are not really made by hand.

Manufactures will take a popular design and create a mold for that design. They will mix up a batch of clay with water until the clay becomes liquid. The liquid clay is poured into the mold. The clay is allowed to dry and then the mold is removed. The dried clay is then heated in a kiln. All the clay pieces come out looking perfect and each piece looks exactly like its predecessor.

In some cases manufactures will vary the paint color scheme making slight differences. In addition many of these clay pieces are sold without any paint and artist will hand paint each.

My clay art work does fall into this category. I am not able to replicate my work exactly. Each of my pieces is different and unique due to they are all handmade. I like to try to give each artwork character and feeling. Each piece not always but usually has a story or history behind it.

I can make some that are very similar but generally don’t like doing so because it becomes more like work and not art. I don’t see myself as a manufacture cranking out hundreds of the same design.

I am not interested in that kind of work. For example, the clay art work named Sal was modeled after my own cat called Sal. I even used the same name. The art work is front and centered. Sal the cat is looking directly at you. His eyes are even looking directly at you. This is true to life. My cat Sal strikes this very same pose. He will sit there head on and look at you until you have no choice but to reach down and pet him. It’s like he knows that if he sits there long enough your will power will break down and you will have to reach down and pet his fuzzy head. He knows he is too cute to resist temptation.

If you liked this post regarding bedroom decor ideas you might like my post on bathroom ceramic wall art on the latest ceramic tile and wall art trends.

Tried-And-True Color Combination ideas

What are color inspirations and ideas for home decorating, art and design? In most cases you are looking for an eye-catching wall sculpture perfect for living up your room. Primary colors work very well. But before we get into vivid colors lets go through some basic styles that you can use.

The Classic Color Mix

The first style is tried-and-true color combinations that is considered classic. These are the use of warm Beige colors with accents in White. You can then feel free to add all most any complementary color of choice. The use of striking accessories in colors picked directly from the hanging art work works outstanding and looks amazing.

This scheme works well because your main color, walls, doors etc. are all neutral and you are using accessories in the colors picked from the artwork. Someone walking into the room will think you hired a professional interior decorator.

The Pick Two Colors Solution

Pick a single shade of color. Usually the color is a neutral color and can be White, off White or Beige for example. Then choose a darker shade of that same color. Not too dark but just enough to provide an accent shade. The color difference is enough so you can tell it’s a different shade or the same color. Now you have a matching main color and a darker accent color in the same color range. This looks really good together all by itself.

Now the last step is to pick a much bolder color, nice and vivid and use that color also as an accent color but use it sparingly.

Only use that color on one of two accents in the room. So using my Kit-Kat art as an example I would do the following. I would pick the main color of my wall as White, off White or Beige and then use a darker shade of Beige. I could also use the Gray color, second from the bottom in the example image.

My bold accent color would be either Yellow or Turquoise.

Primary Colors Only Fusion

The use of primary colors work well however most of us do not want to paint our entire room in a primary color. Just image coming home to a room painted all in bright red with a yellow door. The color would be startling and very bright. If I woke up to that color I would be startled. Maybe would wake up faster.

The best way to use the primary color scheme is to select a neutral color for the walls. A neutral color on the walls becomes your main color for the room. Then select a primary color that pops like Yellow or Red for example to be used as accents.

The key is to use the primary color sparingly as not to overdo it. By using the primary color too much, it becomes overbearing and you soon get eye fatigue.

You accents can be doors, doorways and trim painted in the accent color or just use art and or accessories in the color. Hanging art work works well, throw pillows, lamps, and even throw rugs.

Varying one color Scheme

Selecting colors can be overwhelming and become a difficult task. Some of us are better at it than others. Here is one simple trick that works well for those of us who are not good at picking out the right colors.

It’s very simple and easy just to pick one color and then use varying shades of that same color. You can’t go wrong. All the colors will match, and look good sense they are all from the same color family.

I would paint the walls a light beige color for example and paint the doors and doorways a darker beige color. I could then use a light brown or most any earthy color for accessories.

The end result is a scheme that is not quite monochromatic and gives just the right amount of interest as not to be offending to most people. You are not going to have people gasping for air and making comments but you will have a stylish room that will stand the test of time.

more cat art home décor inspirations

Cat Wall Art Home Decor Accents Conclusion

Cat owners really love their cats and love cat themed accessories and cat artwork. There is a lot of mass produced cat themed décor available on the market today. However, if you are interested in handmade cat themed décor please see my home page. I owned many cat over the years and most of my cat art is modeled after one or more of my cats.

Carpets and pet owners do not really work well together. There are too many “things” that can get trapped in your carpet. Not to mention it can be a real shore to try to remove carpet stains and smells. Hard surfaces work best with the option of a throw rug. You can always replace the throw rug relatively easy, much easier that re-carpeting an entire room.

Matching your room color to your pet’s hair color is a good trick. You are less likely to see your pet’s hair. Using accessories like microfiber polyester is a great idea to hide pet hair especially if it’s the same color as your pet and they can be washed easily.

There are tons of cat themed accessories available on the market today. I mentioned many of my favorites like the “Kit Cat Klock Gentleman” as well as pointing you to my article on hanging clay.

I also went over four very popular and foolproof color schemes that you can apply right now to make your home look fantastic. These color scheme decorating ideas I mentioned above work even if you are not so great at picking out the right color combinations.

I hope this blog post was of value to all you cat lovers and you at least got one or two good ideas to dress up your boring walls.

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