Bulbertha project

Ceramic Bulbertha

How to make a ceramic clay character hanging wall decor.

The Bulbertha character is based on Tom’s Fallout 3.

See Tom play Fallout 3 and more by clicking the links below: 

Link to Tom’s TwitchTV Channel

Link to Tom’s Twitter

A ceramic Bulberha was created for Tom currently residing in Alberta Canada. Tom plays a variety of games, their quality often changing.

And his friend James is the creator behind this rendition of Tom’s legendary Fallout 3 character Bulbertha. 

See more of James incredible art work at the following links:

Link to Jame’s Twitter.

Link to Jame’s Instagram.

See my instructional step by step video on YouTube click here.

I started with a piece of clay and molded it into the shape of Bulbertha. At this point the clay is still very wet and easily bends into any shape.

The back side of Bulbertha is signed and marked for where the wire hangers and the bottom support will be placed. Support structures ensures the ceramic art work will hang flat on the wall.

I start by selecting the colors I will use and then prepare the paint. I usually start by painting the edge first.

The paint should be poured out of what ever original container it came in. I usually pour it into a smaller container easier for painting. By doing this it keep the entire bottle of paint from drying out.

If the paint does dry out I just add more water.

The clay is dry at this point and soaks up the paint like a sponge. Several coats of paint is needed to get the deep rich green color I am aiming for.

Green paint has been applied to the hair. Multiple coats of paint are needed depending on the paint. Some brands need more coats of paint than others. Results will vary greatly depending on the brand of paint and temperature in the kiln. Here you just have to rely on experience. I know by working with this brand of paint how many coats I need to get the right color of Green to match Tom’s Bulbertha.

I finish painting and complete touching any spots that need re-work.

The next step is to let the paint dry and place into the kiln for firing. I fire up to about 2000 degrees.

After the kiln cools off it’s time to remove the ceramic art work. I inspect the artwork and make sure all looks good. 

Ceramic Bulbertha is approximately 9.5 inches tall and 7 inches wide. It has a wire pre-mounted on the back for easy hanging. The ceramic art also has a slight shape and stand-offs mounted on the back so it sits flat on the wall. It weighs approximately 1/2 pound. Hand painted with food safe acrylic paint.

This was a fun project!

I really enjoyed doing the project, I had so much fun. I look forward to do other projects should the opportunity be there.

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