How can I make my bathroom beautiful

You found our beautiful bathroom wall ideas décor page. Ceramic fish is natural way to make any bathroom beautiful. They are water proof, colorful and interesting.

Here is how to make your bathroom beautiful:

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I decided to write down art ideas and to blog about the things I researched on my own. By writing this post I ended up discovering many great tips and ideas I am sure you will be interested to read about.

As you certainly already know ceramic art and tile is a natural in the bathroom. They are water proof, mold resistant due to their hard finish and very durable. They last forever. They are easy to clean. The list goes on. Plus there are hundreds of ceramic and tile ideas to fit endless designs. You can’t really go wrong with ceramics in the bathroom.

If you are looking to decorate your walls and want to see all my decor items please visit my home page. Please note some of my handmade wall art may have sold. I always try to have a supply on hand but some items go fast.

Popular Bathroom Wall Art Ideas

Using mirrors and a white or light marble tile in the bathroom together give off an opulence or glamour appearance

The latest trend today is to use ceramic tiles as a work of art by selecting complementary colors that fit your color scheme and hanging them. One method I found was accomplished by placing tiles on a sturdy waterproof board and adding a frame. You can also go the extra mile and add a decorative tile boarder. This, in addition, to the frame gives the piece a unique and beautiful appearance. Plus the great thing about using tile is it’s easy to clean and it’s waterproof.

Adding color creates an interest

Bathroom wall art ideas decoration

Another scheme I found was by adding a lot of color. Adding color to the walls creates an interest. Ceramics are easy to clean and most of all they are water proof. Being in a bathroom makes it a natural choice. There are many popular ceramic art themes from fish, birds or wildlife scenes to choose from. One great idea is to build a scene using multiple ceramic pieces. This adds visual interest and color to any neutral color. I believe the more colorful the art the better. That’s just my opinion. With this scheme you can now add the accent color you want. For example, you could pull the vibrant greens or blues (whatever color) from the ceramic art and add complementary color towels and rugs. Later, you can always change the color without much effort.

Another concept is to have your decorative tile directly inlaid into your new or existing wall tile. Layering the tile gives a framed look that’s built into the wall (Photo by Ornella Binni). This makes if super attractive and very easy to maintain. You have the option to pair different colors and tile options creating your own unique personal appearance.

What is inlay work?

Inlay refers to the technique of inserting different color or contrasting color tiles into the main body of the tile work to form a decorative motif or pattern that normally is flush with the main body of work.

What is encaustic tile?

Many people refer to inlaid tile as encaustic tile. But actually that is not correct. But the word has been misused so much it’s now accepted as the definition. Encaustic actually refers to the process of painting with beeswax paint that was very hot. Encaustic tiles are usually composed of two colors of tile that are inlaid.

Some examples are using mirrors and a white or light marble tile together give off an opulence or glamour appearance. Using a textured ceramic tile adds the illusion of stone. Using combinations of textured tile and smooth tiles creates a high-end interest. Another favorite is to use inlays or a recessed shelves creating a layered effect. Any tiles that can be framed makes a great design especially if the mosaic it framed.

In today’s market most new houses sold, tile type and color, and are being used to make a distinct separation between the shower and or tub and the rest of the room. This makes the shower for example stand out and turns it into the center piece of the area. The tiles do not have to match exactly but should look good and go together. For example, you could always use black and white. A black or dark floor and lighter color walls is a tried and true winning combination. Creating contrast is good and this is one of the easiest ways to create contrast. Having an all-white room with no contrast makes it way too boring and not enough appeal or personality. Using a different color floor tile creates interest.

Here is a great example of mirrors, light marble and separation between shower

Ceramic Wall Art Tiles an Easy Lesson

Also during my research I found that using mosaics is a great way to add an exciting accent. Mosaics can be added to the backsplash or inlayed into the shower. A recessed shower shelve works well and also has utility. One popular design is to use subway tile to create a stripe. You can also use subway tile (Photo by Charles Deluvio) to create a framed effect for a mosaic. Using a combination of ceramic tile finishing varying the color and shine can also add appeal.

The size of the tile also have a big impact (Photo by Kirill Zakharov). On major benefit of using a large tile is that is covers more area and can be easy to clean since there are fewer grout lines to worry about. However using large ceramic tile in a small room can be problematic. It can make a small room look really small. Your tile size should be sized according to the size of your space. One sure fire way to improve the look of a small area is to use ceramic tile all the way up to the ceiling. This makes the area visually look more appealing and taller. Also, using tile and colors that are the same color or very close to the same color makes the room look larger. So, if you just moved into a new house and the tile is already there simply paint the “no-tiles portion” the same color as the tile. This trick works great every time to make your area look larger than it really is.

Also tiling your shower all the way up to the ceiling also create a dramatic affect. It makes your shower or tub area look larger. It becomes visually taller. This provided a visual add height to the area. Plus makes the entire area easy to clean and more durable since it’s all or mostly all covered in waterproof tiles. I really like this idea and may end up using it when I remodel my shower. Currently, my shower area is not tiled all the way to the ceiling.

Natural color tiles will most always work the best sense they go with almost all colors (Photo by Jason Briscoe). Use neutrals then add color with accents like towels and decorations. If you have sell or move the new buyer will most likely change the accents to their favorite color and not have to reconstruct any tile.

The biggest Problems with Ceramic Tile You Must Simply Avoid

I found out the most popular bathroom color today is gray

Color is the number one problem. Once you pick a color there is no turning back you are stuck with that color. There are so many different color options and styles it can be overwhelming to decide. You can always check out Pinterest for ideas or go to you local tile shop. In today’s market I found out Grays are by far the most popular color. By combining Grays with accent colors you can create an interesting look. Like using Gray and White or a lighter color. Another popular color is the use of neutrals or natural earthy colors. For example, a coffee or chocolate color ceramic tile and a lighter color like beige always looks good together.

The main objective is to choose the right color. By choosing the wrong combinations you are stuck with something you can’t change. And if you have to sell your house good luck if your buyer does not like the color you picked. Just watch all the house buying TV shows and when the new buyer walks into the room the first thing they say is they do not like the color of the tile. The best approach is to stay neutral and choose accent colors in towels and throw rugs to create interest. Plus if you get tired of the color it makes for an easy change.

Grays and neutrals are popular colors today

What You Can Do About Your Bathroom Color Right Now

With just a few simple accent pieces you can completely change the look of your bathroom. That is of course if your area is not decorated in green or pink subway tile. If that’s the case then there is no hope, ha! You do not have to invest in costly construction like adding ceramic tiles and installing new lighting. Just by simply updating your decor can give your room an entirely fresh look and feel. If you are skilled you can even make some of these ideas at home.

Let’s explore more ideas. Here are some easy schemes I found.

One of the cheapest ideas is to use wallpaper. But not the way you are thinking. I am talking about framed wallpaper. Find wallpaper that matches your bathroom color scheme and mount it to a ridged foam board. I would use foam due to it’s going to be in a steamy environment and it’s going to be water proof. I would also choose a wallpaper that is designed for bathroom use so it also will be waterproof or at least water resistant. Choose the right size and mount the wallpaper to the foam board. You can even frame it if you want. You can change it out easily and you do not have much invested. One word of caution, depending on your skill and the wallpaper you choose this can look really good or really bad. Make sure you get some opinions before you settle in on a design theme.

I have also seen a lot of shells  being used. It’s a natural and goes well in most situations. I’ve seen large sea shells being used as a soap holder and smaller sea shells hot glued to wood and or arranged into a pattern and framed. This idea can dress up an area quickly and give your room a beach like appearance. Here again I must repeat, this idea can look really good or really bad. I’ve seen it where its overdone and the end result looks bad. The designer went overboard.

A huge trend today is to use painted canvas. It’s easy and relative low cost. You can even do it yourself. The trick is to select simple designs and big pictures to make a visually appealing statement. Do not select intricate paintings or designs. Go for simple designs, no detailed paints or drawings. Pick complementary colors and your choice of accent color. If you are inclined to make it yourself you can start out with a blank canvas. Paint the canvas all one color that best suits your decor and add a simple design or paint letters in a contrasting color. Most people tend to choose words like Soap and Water, 5 Cents, etc. There are many online shops that sell these pre-made. Also, another idea is to choose simple black and white framed photographs. Most black and whites go well with most any color and can provide an interesting accent visual to your bathroom.

The problem with most of the ideas mentioned above is they have been done many times and although they look good and can work out very well it’s nothing unique.

My top bathroom décor tips - What You Really Need To Know About Your Bathroom

A new sink can have a big impact

If you are stuck with a dated space and are looking to change the visual appearance without too much work or expense lighting can make a huge difference. Many times the lighting fixture can quickly be dated. Once I see the round four or six white light bulbs in a row mounted above the mirror I know immediately it’s old. Changing the lighting is not that hard to do or expensive and can have a dramatic effect on the color and mood. Older lighting casts ugly shadows and project unnatural color on your skin. New lighting can make your area look larger, newer and fresher. Plus makes your color accents and art stand out and be noticed. I tend to go with led lighting especially in small rooms because of the heat. With incandescent bulbs heat is a major factor. Six regular bulbs can heat up a small bathroom quickly. LEDs are much cooler depending on the style and brand.

Paint can make a huge difference due you are most likely changing the color of the wall to better fit your color scheme. This also can complement the color of your decor making it look more visually appealing. You do not have to choose a glossy color anymore just to get the mildew resistant protections. Most all matte colors have the mildew additive or it can be added at the store at the time of purchase. Lighter color matte finishes work well. Using a matte natural color and a ceramic art gallery of your favorite items can be a great way to add impact and decoration to your walls.

New sinks and facets also make a big impact. Upgrading to a new style can be done without much cost. And most likely if your hardware has not been changed out recently you might be due for an upgrade anyway. Changing out the hardware on the vanity and or cabinets is a great idea and easy to do. Most hardware is just screwed on. For the drawer pulls, you just need to be careful to measure the distance between the holes and choose the right size pull replacement. This has nothing to do with ceramic art but it’s an easy upgrade worth mentioning.

Pick accents that complement your wall art. This is an easy way and low cost way to add a flowing modern color accent to your room. Change out the rug and or floor mats to a new color (Photo by Hutomo Abrianto). Pick towels in an accent color to add some pop. If you have a large enough area you can also add accessories. You may have a shelf or lighted area or cove where a live pant or floral arrangement will add an accent to the room. A new wastebasket (Photo by Paul Hanaoka) and a soap dish or pump can be used as well to add a color accent. These are low cost schemes that adds color, accents and complements your art.
Building wall mounted shelves to hold ceramic art is also a great idea to add color accents to your bathroom. You can also add pictures, framed art and other appealing items in different sizes and shapes on the shelves. They can be changed out easily at any time. This scheme works well when building a gallery of similar or favorite items. If you have a large bare wall this approach works well. If your bathroom walls are painted a light blue for example you could add items to your shelve that are complement colors. Repeating patterns can be used as well. Pick an art décor with a repeating pattern in different sizes to build your gallery. For example if I had a light natural green wall and by using multiple darker green ceramic flowers in varying sizes would make a good focal point.

Not all walls have to be decorated. Sometimes a blank wall looks good. It can be accomplished by using over-sized contemporary tiles. Using four by nineteen tiles across a wall in a rich color give the simplicity of a pattern with an elegant look and feel. This scheme works well with one wall done this way.

Bathroom Wall Art Sculptures - My Art Ideas

Being a ceramic artist I made my own ceramic art. It had to have a mixture of color to make it versatile. I wanted to be able to pull any color from my work and use it as my accent color. I would use towels and throw rugs in the accent color to make a visual impact. I wanted to make it easy to change the accent color whenever I wanted. It’s easy to change out the towels and rug for another color and give the area a new different look. My room was already in a natural color so all I needed was to plan my wall gallery. My space was a natural color so my ceramic art work if done in the right colors would pop. I decided to go with a gallery because I had one area that was fairly large and bare. One piece would look awkward  and would not fill the space so a gallery would be the best choice. I also wanted something that would be steam proof. My room tends to get real steamy therefore I knew ceramics would hold up very well.

Since I was planning a gallery of ceramics I wanted to size each piece the right size. I did not want to have it too big. I ended up with ceramics about nine and ten inches long. This size would fill the space and work well in my situation. I thought about doing starfish or maybe old signs to make it look vintage but I ended up making ceramic fish. The fish would be grouped together on the wall making my gallery. I would position them going down or up at a slight angle to make it interesting. To form the gallery all I need was three fish approximately nine to eleven inches long each.

Three fish were made by cutting the clay into three equal parts and rolling them out on the roller to get a nice and even thickness. All the air was worked out of the clay beforehand. I then marked the clay with my design and cut the clay into the shape of a fish. The clay fish was then set out to dry. The clay slowly dried out and became what’s called “Leather Hard”. This is a state where the water in the clay has evaporated. In this state, the clay art is easily breakable. I applied several coats of paint, let dry and then fired the pieces up to about two thousand degrees in the kiln. My color scheme was to be colorful and to use complementary colors that looked great together. The fish turned out to be great. They did not break during the firing process. I mounted the fish turning the space into a ceramic art gallery. I like the results so much I went on to make many more ceramic fish. For each one I used complementary vivid colors that looked good together. I now have a lot of ceramic colorful fish that are all unique.

Primary color is Black with Orange and a Sky Blue. Worked out beautfiul.
Black primary color with Yellow and Green accents. Eye catching.

Green with Pink and Blues. Smooth and flowing color combination.

Bathroom Wall Ideas Conclusion

I hope this was an interesting article and provided you with some decor ideas. Ceramic tile and ceramic art works well and by using a natural color and using a darker color accents and art you can make a dramatic impact. This scheme also makes it easy to change to another color. And if you are going to sell, the buyer most likely will not have to reconstruct tiles for another color. They would simply change the accents. In the end, I learned a lot about bathrooms. More than I really want to know just to make art. But it was interesting.

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