2019 Living Room Trends

The biggest and best 2019 living room trends according to the professionals. Learn what’s in and what’s out for 2019.

Keep reading to learn the biggest and best picks for interior design trends.

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Painted Ceilings 2019 Living Room Trends

A painted ceiling makes a strong statement. One option is to continue with your base color up on to the ceiling. Sue an accent color for the trim to make it pop.

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Lots Of Plants Are A Part Of 2019 Living Room Trends

Plants make an eye catching statement anywhere in your home. So naturally they will look great in you living room.

Make sure you do some homework and find out how much sunlight your plant will need. And don’t forget the water.

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Bold Interesting Colors Is A Big 2019 Trend

Think of all the colors that create excitement and put them all together. The tricky part is adding all the colors with balance. You will want to pair your bolder hues with neutrals and use your accent colors as an accent.

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Living Room Trends

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