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Your best friends are trustworthy, right? You can always trust them with your secrets and you know they will be honest about your choices even in art! And in times of need they are there for you helping you along the way to get back on your feet. Many times best friends will think the same way and make the same choices. Have you ever had a friend pick out their favorite color and it just happened to be yours as well? This can happen in many ways, for example, one day both of you end up wearing the same color clothes, or later you find out both of you have the same taste in décor. Your living room decor may even be the same color as your friends, or have the same color car. And the list goes on. It’s amazing how most best friends are so similar to each other. So this might lead you to ask what is a bff?

What is a BFF? BFF is an acronym or abbreviation for best fiends forever. It’s a term used specifically to mean terms of endearment for two very close friends. It goes back to 1996 and is predicated on the concept of having a best friend to share in life’s rewards.

Gift ideas for best friends

If you have a good idea of what kind of art gift you want to purchase for your best friend you can head on over to my “BFF gift ideas“, page and then click the link to go to my store. On this page I give you a preview of my art in an image gallery. As I create more new art I add it to the gallery. Some may be sold so please check my store for the latest.

If you are not sure what gift to purchase or would like more information about how to choose colors please visit these pages:

1). For Female gifts: I wrote several articles that can help you find gifts for your best friends. This is one page which links to other popular articles: “Gift for best friend female“, this pages gives you solid ideas and color options that will help your with your art purchases for your female best friend.

2). For Male gifts: And I did not let out males. Here is the main page I wrote for males: “Gift for best friend male“. This page also links to several other articles I wrote that will help you with purchases for male friends.

As I come up with more ideas and information I will continually update these pages.

3). My Blog: Also be sure to check out my blog. Here I wrote several in depth articles on topics like “How To Valuate Artwork?“, “Characteristics Of Modern Art“, “Examples Of Ceramics“, and much more that I am sure you will find very interesting reading.

Chance made us find each other, but fun, laughter and sharing art made us real friends.

BFF in communication

BFF can be written in communication in a variety of ways. For example, like BFF all uppercase, bff, all lower case and even Bff, with the first letter in caps. It’s usually not used in formal communications so you are free to write it anyway you wish. If you do use it in formal communications I always like to pick one option and be consistent.

Examples of best friends in sentences

1. Hey, me and John became bffs after school one day while on the bus going home.
2. I met my bff while shopping, we picked up the same outfit and met at the checkout line.
3. Hey man, we are like BFFs!

Over the years BFF has evolved into a noun that refers you have a very close friend. Bff is not reserved for a 20 year old only anymore. It may have started out that way but has evolved into an expression that is more widely use in real life by most anyone. A BFF is a term that is characterized by trust and permanence for someone’s best friend. BFFs are usually in close contact with each other and share experiences like attending the same school or sharing musical tastes. Relationships described as BFF in high school are common and often decline when the parties go to college. The term BFF does not necessarily convey exclusivity; an individual may not have more than one BFF at the same time depending on an individual’s interpretation or philosophy of the concept of “BFF.”

BFF origin

While the concept of having or being a “best friend” is old-fashioned, the acronym BFF has been popularized as a quick way for friends to sign off and express their positive feelings to each other while instantly posting on the computer or sending a text message on cell phones. On 16 September 2010, the acronym “BFF” was added to the New Oxford American Dictionary. As mentioned above the dictionary says the BFF acronym was born in 1996.

The perception of BFF

BFF friendship is a concept that occupies a certain place on social networks, according to a survey in France. This value is reassuring, particularly for the millennial generation that frequently experiences a divorce. It is a sign of social success and a life that is balanced. A large UK friendship survey in 2003 found people had nine close friends on average. Best friendships often last less than a full academic year in elementary and middle school. Barbara Delinsky who is an American romance novel writer ones described a BFF as you don’t have to see someone every day to still connect with, someone who loves you, whether you talk frequently or not, someone who drops everything and catches the next flight if you do.
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